Why I Refuse to Freak Out About This Election

In a couple weeks, Americans will step into polling places, fill out a short form, and decide the next leader of the United States of America. Rather than sitting around anxiously waiting to hear the results, I will be praising God that this presidential race is finally over. Everyone has heard how disastrous it would … More Why I Refuse to Freak Out About This Election

Atheists Are Not the Enemy

Movies like these often assume that atheists have no form of morality, portraying atheist characters as nothing more than cartoonish stereotypes. They feature them as if their denial of God is the only thing about them that matters. All the while, the film’s marketing teams encourage Christian moviegoers to invite their non-Christian friends to see their movies, claiming these films are actually a great tool for evangelism. … More Atheists Are Not the Enemy

A Response to “I’m a Christian Radio Host”

  It’s no secret that much of the secular world holds Christian music in disdain. Many Christians do as well. Cliché, contrived, simplistic, naïve, and often just plain bad. These words have all been used to describe CCM (Contemporary Christian Music), by me as well. (To be fair, secular music is all of these things … More A Response to “I’m a Christian Radio Host”

Broken Body

What denomination are you? This question would confuse many people outside of the Christian hemisphere, but it’s sometimes overly important to us. (For those of you who don’t know, a denomination is an individual sect of Christianity that has a unique set of beliefs about Christian doctrine and philosophy.) Are you Baptist or Pentecostal? Methodist … More Broken Body