A Response to “I’m a Christian Radio Host”

  It’s no secret that much of the secular world holds Christian music in disdain. Many Christians do as well. Cliché, contrived, simplistic, naïve, and often just plain bad. These words have all been used to describe CCM (Contemporary Christian Music), by me as well. (To be fair, secular music is all of these things … More A Response to “I’m a Christian Radio Host”

Broken Body

What denomination are you? This question would confuse many people outside of the Christian hemisphere, but it’s sometimes overly important to us. (For those of you who don’t know, a denomination is an individual sect of Christianity that has a unique set of beliefs about Christian doctrine and philosophy.) Are you Baptist or Pentecostal? Methodist … More Broken Body

No Authority

I have been afraid. When I was little, lying alone in my bed at night, I was not afraid of the monsters under my bed. I was not afraid of the boogeyman in my closet. I was afraid of demons and of Satan. Some nights, I still am. I think it stems from a night when … More No Authority

Attitude Adjustment

You remember that phrase your parents would give you? For me that’s when I knew I had better shut up and do what they said. It was always something about an attitude adjustment, usually given to you by a time-out or spanking. Whatever the punishment, it certainly adjusted my attitude. The pouting lip no longer … More Attitude Adjustment


No, it’s not a crotchety literary character in one of the most beloved and overplayed Christmas stories of all time (By the way, The Muppets Christmas Carol is the best one.) Ebenezer is a word mentioned in Joshua. Maybe you’ve heard it alluded to in the second verse of “Come Thou Fount” Here I raise … More Ebenezer

I Get Insecure

Can I be honest right now? I struggle with insecurity. I’m nineteen years old, on the tail end of the insecure teenage years, but insecurity is still a monster that rears its ugly head at me often. A careless word or a very cutting one can lodge itself in my heart where it festers. Some … More I Get Insecure

We Need Rest

The alarm buzzes. I groan. The sun is barely peaking over the mountains around my campus, but the alarm doesn’t really seem to care. I wrestle with my tiredness, climb down from my bunk bed, and turn off the alarm. After struggling to get a shower and get dressed in something remotely presentable, I stumbled … More We Need Rest