No Authority


I have been afraid. When I was little, lying alone in my bed at night, I was not afraid of the monsters under my bed. I was not afraid of the boogeyman in my closet. I was afraid of demons and of Satan. Some nights, I still am.

I think it stems from a night when I was four years old. My dad took me to a play about heaven and hell. All I remember is a man dressed intimidatingly like Satan, horns and all. My dad had to take me into the lobby because I was crying so hard. I was seriously scared.

I still get scared of the dark forces. I will never be able to sit through a horror film.Anything scary, like a haunted house, gets to me a little bit. One time I was so freaked out that I hit a guy in the face. Yeah, it’s that bad sometimes.

Ironically, my favorite book is “The Screwtape Letters” by C. S. Lewis. Lewis is great no matter which of his great works you read, but “The Screwtape Letters” really gives a colorful and interesting point of view on our everyday lives. It is written as a series of letters from a senior demon, Screwtape, to a younger, inexperienced demon named Wormwood. Screwtape’s advice includes getting Wormwood’s “patient”, a young man in WWII London, to silently and bitterly judge others at the local church, get involved in a snobby crowd that scoffs at Christianity, and ruin his relationships with his mother and his girlfriend through “pinpricks,” the little ticks they do that unintentionally annoy him. It’s really a great book. I highly recommend it. Digging deeper into the pages, we find that the demons are really terrified of “the Enemy,” whom we call God. They hate him, but they are so afraid of him.

Recently , I have discovered how Satan has no authority over me. None whatsoever. This is kind of life-changing. He is the loser, and I win with Jesus in the end. That’s pretty awesome. The being who is responsible for most of the evil this world has gone through is going to spend a thousand years falling endlessly in a dark pit and the rest of eternity burning. He will be forever and finally defeated.

Actually, he already was when Jesus rose from the dead. Satan’s best tools, death and sin, were defeated by Jesus a long time ago on a cross and on a Sunday morning. The devil is still desperately trying to drag as many people down with him. And if he can’t drag all the way, he tries to do it a little bit by tempting and tripping us up. He succeeds sometimes. I fall to his temptation all the time. But because of Christ, he has absolutely no power over me or any other believer. I was bought, legally bought with Christ’s blood. I am no longer a slave to sin and Satan but a slave to righteousness and Christ Jesus! That is life-changing. I don’t have to live in sin and shame. I never have to be afraid of the forces of hell. I have authority over them in Jesus’ name!

I hope this is as much a comfort to you as it is me. Satan tries to make us scared of him, making us believe that he has the power. He doesn’t. Jesus does. Jesus has the power to conquer fear, sin, selfishness, pride, and everything. We are no longer under Satan’s ruling. We have a new Master, and He is so good. He’s like really good! Take rest in that.


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