Attitude Adjustment

You remember that phrase your parents would give you? For me that’s when I knew I had better shut up and do what they said. It was always something about an attitude adjustment, usually given to you by a time-out or spanking. Whatever the punishment, it certainly adjusted my attitude. The pouting lip no longer stuck out. The rolling eyes quickly stopped rolling. The back-talking mouth was silenced (at least for the time being).

Sometimes I still find myself having a bad attitude. A lot of the time, the attitudes I have are worse than when I was a kid. There’s the “woe is me” attitude, where I convince myself that I have the worst life ever, while I tweet about it from my iPhone. There’s the selfish attitude. When I was little, Ididn’t want to share your toys. Now I don’t want to share my time. There are some handicap people at my college and sometimes they need help getting up and down steps and to their classes. Most of the time, and I’m not proud of this, I pass right by them because I need to get to class, or because I really want that Starbucks before class. I don’t want to share my time.

Finally, there’s the all about me attitude, where I think the world revolves around me. This is easy to have, but not easy to recognize. Most of the time I brushed it or off or barely notice any hint of selfishness. I focus on my flaws and my mistakes and that one time I totally embarrassed ourselves five years ago.

These attitudes are universal, but I can’t look to my parents to change these attitudes. I can’t look to myself to change them either.  We need to ask God for an attitude adjustment. We need to ask him to take our “woe is me” attitude and turn it into an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness. We need to ask him to change our selfish hearts into hearts that give time, money, and energy freely, remembering how much we’ve been given. We need to ask God to transform us from self-absorbed to overwhelmed by him, because it’s about him, not us.

I have to ask God to change my attitude at least once a day. And that’s okay. I’m not perfect, but I am learning and growing closer to God, allowing him to change me to look more like him a little bit more every day. So go ahead, ask for an attitude adjustment. God’s willing and ready to dish some out.


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