Why It’s Time to Stop Complaining

We shouldn’t need a holiday to remind us to be grateful. Gratitude should flow out of us.

Whether you’re in a bad season that never seems to end, or whether your life is going amazingly, we all have something to be thankful for. … More Why It’s Time to Stop Complaining


It’s Time for Christians to Reclaim Art

If the Harvey Weinstein scandal won’t call us to action, what will? Will we seek to stay comfortable? Will those in Hollywood who claim to be Christians value their fame and fortune more than the treasure of Christ? Will the Christian industry remain content to serve its established fan base, failing to be the salt and light of the earth? … More It’s Time for Christians to Reclaim Art

7 Tips for Disagreeing with Friends

In the past decade or so, social media arguments have become a primary way to “discuss” opinions and ideas. The problem with that is nothing is really being discussed. People angrily type up their opinions and send them out into the oblivion of the internet. The comments are read simply to respond rather than to listen. Sometimes we’re typing just to get attention. … More 7 Tips for Disagreeing with Friends

Judgment and Mercy

Whenever I return to the Old Testament Prophets, I can easily see why they’re not the most popular books in the Bible. Most of them contain repeated dismal phrases such as “Woe to you,” and “the wrath of the Lord shall come upon you” and something to the effect of “no one will escape; you will all die.” Not exactly the five-minute pick-me-up we strive for in our devotional times.

Nevertheless, the prophets are part of the Scriptural Canon, and it’s important we read, study, and seek to understand them. The problem is we don’t really like to. … More Judgment and Mercy

A Prayer for Peace

This world, this country, the church, seems to intent on ripping its self apart. Brother against brother. Creed against creed. Color against color. Even in the midst of a tragedy like the flooding and devastation of a major city, people still find a way to make jabs at the other side, glorify their ideology, and belittle this tragedy and the people it affects in the process. … More A Prayer for Peace

The Paradox of Christian Celebrity

Every one of us can learn something more about humility. (I know I can.) For those on platforms, whether a small country church or a megachurch serving thousands, it is important to remember that our roles are to serve others as Jesus served. Not just on the platform, but on the ground, washing one another’s feet. For the rest of us, we also must be willing to humbly serve others. … More The Paradox of Christian Celebrity

When God’s Love Doesn’t Make Sense

One of the hardest things to do as a Christian is to reconcile the unfathomable love of God with the inconceivable evil in this world. Much of the time we wave away the cognitive dissonance. Sometimes this hits closer to home. It is much harder to shrug off the cognitive dissonance in these moments, with our lives a mess and our prayers unanswered. … More When God’s Love Doesn’t Make Sense